Welcome to the Huddle!

Calling all football fans from all types of pigskin! This is the place for you!

Hi, my name is Jason, creator of this sports blog, Hussey’s Huddle. Let me tell you a small bit about myself. Growing up in Canada, I was quickly submerged in sports culture. Anything from hockey to basketball to curling even (!) caught the eye of this young kid. However, consistently over the years no sport has captivated my imagination like the game of football.

During 2006, I first started to pay attention to the NFL. This is where I fell for my beloved Buffalo Bills, who then proceeded to miss the playoffs for the first eleven years I followed them! But that’s besides the point. During the years of the Bills’ infamous playoff drought, it gave me the chance to really appreciate the NFL product as a whole, with me obsessing over every storyline that came about each season. Some of my most memorable moments as an NFL fan include the David Tyree “helmet catch” in Super Bowl XLII, fierce battles between Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers and Pete Caroll’s Seahawks, and who could forget the Malcolm Butler interception to seal the Patriots fourth Super Bowl ring. All these moments and memories helped me realize that I am not just a Bills fan, but an NFL fan in an inclusive sense.

This was not my only motivation for starting this blog. While I tend to follow the NFL more intensely, the Canadian Football League has always held a special place in my heart, particularly my hometown Hamilton Tigercats. From an early age I have always enjoyed the unique aspects of football offered by the CFL, which helps explain why it has consistently had a strong following despite the much larger NFL being close to home. For myself, some moments that stick out in my CFL fandom are the Anthony Cavillo days for the Montreal Alouettes, or seeing “Speedy B” Brandon Banks return a kick, punt or missed field goal back for a score. To this end I have always appreciated the CFL game and all the fans that make it a great experience for anyone who wishes to get into the sport.

And so, in writing this opening blog, my point is, football has always been a huge fascination for me. Which is why Hussey’s Huddle is attempting to become a place where both NFL and CFL fans can enjoy some content, converge, and maybe learn a thing or two! Thanks for reading and to everyone, welcome to the HUDDLE!